Queue It

Since 2014 Black friday has gained traction in the uk and over the years has carried over to online sales, with the Covid 19 pandemic having a serious impact on the way we shop since early 2020.

What is the black friday effect?

The black friday effect is the massive influx of customers brought about by holiday sales and the prospect of a good deal.
Obviously, you wish to take advantage of this upsurge and maximise sales but the increase in traffic breaks your site. In a bricks and mortar environment, these customers are encouraged to form an orderly queue and wait until there is space for them inside the store.
With online sales, slow page loading and site crashing caused by overwhelmed servers lead frustrated customers to take their business else-where, costing you sales revenue.

How can we imrove our offer and retain those customers?

If you are suffering from the black Friday effect but wish to scale up your ecommerce, we can advise on how to do this. One such solution is (the software) Queue it. Our specialists can create custom solutions to integrate Queue it with your current platform. We do this using code that runs on the server rather than on the web browser, to increase performance and security.

Queue it sends your customers to a branded virtual waiting room that operates on a first com first serve basis. This inreases customer retention and mitigates ‘bounce’, so that you can sell at maximum capacity without crashing.

figurines queueing up

Where have we implemented it?

We have recently implemented Queue it for Brompton Bicycles in order to manage traffic following their recent marketing campaigns. Watch this space for a link when it goes live!

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