Since their debut in the early 1990s, eCommerce websites have transformed themselves from simple shopping experiences into vast and unique branded digital catalogues. Allowing businesses to showcase their offering to their target audience with ease while capturing the attention of millions worldwide. With internet-enabled touchpoints being seen anywhere and everywhere, from the smartphones in our pockets to the computers on our laps we are now accessible 24/7. This is why having a digital shopfront that is geographically tailored for global businesses is essential.

Today’s shoppers, empowered by technology expect seamless digital experiences tailored to their specific interests, locations and language preferences. These ongoing shifts in consumer behaviours and expectations have created a need for new approaches to digital experience management. More businesses now opt for multilingual and multiregional websites that feature translatable content, while also being customisable. This ensures that the websites are available for everyone, allowing businesses to expand their potential market significantly. 

Project Overview

We’ve been working closely with Brompton for several years now, tailoring their websites to meet their organisational needs and putting the user first in everything we do.

Brompton has a multi-national website that is available around the world. Due to this, they have a wide selection of multi-regional eCommerce catalogues. Recently, we began working on a unique custom integration build for them, which combined Sitecore and Magento to aid international transactions by providing users with regionalised content at the click of a button.

This new project has all been part of a significant restructuring of Brompton, changing how they operate internally. Due to this, an upgrade of their whole system was required, with the emphasis being on expanding their eCommerce websites while also ensuring that their CMS can deliver marketing personalisation to enhance the user experience even further. 

The Custom Build Integration

We successfully combined the marketing and personalisations strengths of Sitecore with the product catalogue ordering and shipping strengths of Magento to create a unique website that can gain results on an international stage. This was part of a custom build integration, which was specifically developed with Brompton and their customer base in mind at all development stages. Sitecore comes complete with build-in marketing functions and personalised components, which are exceptional at aiding user experience. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, delivering contextual customer experiences is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s an expectation. Sitecore’s ability to create multilingual, multiregional websites that feature translatable content while maintaining high performance is excellent and is something we wanted to incorporate throughout their new website. Whereas Magento’s strengths lay in e-Commerce, allowing us to provide Brompton with the best of both worlds. 

The process

We used workflows in Jira to prioritise the workload, track the process and aid collaboration amongst the team. This allowed the core team to see who is assigned to certain parts of the process, along with their current status. 

We created a two-tier international presence of commerce-enabled sites in their regional language and then commerce disabled sites that use Sitecore language fallback feature. If websites are not commence enabled then they will automatically fall back to UK English.  This means that content doesn’t need to be translated all in one go, which can be a time-consuming process with errors in translation occurring if not done properly. 

The Outcome

Brompton now has greater power to reach and engage with users wherever they are in the world with their multilingual and multiregional websites that feature translatable content. Users can view custom content based on their location and language preferences. Upon entering the website users can select the website and content of the region they are most familiar with, regardless of their current location. This allows users to browse the website in their native language at all times, regardless of their current location. 

There are many other benefits of geo-specific pages, geo-targeted pages, local landing pages such as improving search position for related keywords and queries within the target area while also improving conversions when users are engaging with regionalised content.

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