Simon Proctor formed Codeminers Limited in 2011: to meet the demand for specialist software and consultancy services for his client, JCB. Our company began as a one-man-band, supporting a limited set of products and providing bespoke application design and build services.

Since then, we have maintained a small, but high profile, list of repeat customers. However, the market has changed over the years. Customers have started to demand a wider set of expertise and services, which has led to us diversifying our offering over time.


 We work  mainly with large enterprises and SMEs, all having similar issues when delivering complex IT projects. This is where we bridge that gap with the technical expertise. Implementing our knowledge to help our clients deliver key projects and initiatives whilst sticking to their budgets and timescales. And we obviously have fun along the way as well. We build close partnerships with our clients and help them solve some of their trickiest website and IT problems.

This is where our competitive edge lies: In working as a strategic partner with our clients and by building a business based on long-standing relationships with satisfied clients. The longer the relationship stands, the more we help our clients understand what we offer them and why they should both stay with us as well as refer us to other businesses looking for a technical partner.

Our Value

The core value we offer clients is our technical expertise and knowledge – by being able to quickly understand their issues and help them find solutions. In summary, we offer…

Knowledge (technical strategy beyond surface level) Better value for money (less fluff more stuff) Open communication and honesty (clients trust what we say) Architecture and infrastructure (we don’t just make pretty websites) Close relationships with clients (direct with tech) Empowerment to the client (collaborative to give client back control, teaching) Flexibility (we work differently from other agencies) ROI (transparency on what they’re spending and the revenue value we deliver)

We wrap this all up in our strapline – design. delivery. insight.

Company Information

Code Miners is a limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 7842402.

The company logo and labyrinthe device are registered trademarks of the company.

Registered Office: 32 Leacroft Road, Aspley, Nottingham

VAT number 157726286