Project Recovery

Whether it’s a website or software project, our experts can help with your project recovery plan. 

Most development projects go off-track in one way or another, it’s pretty common.

Some are easy to fix due to their small scale, but sometimes you’re left with an unfinished project.

Don’t panic! If your project has stalled or isn’t going to plan, it doesn’t necessarily need to be started again from scratch. In many cases, it can be recovered in a cost-effective manner.

Software projects, in particular, can be costly if overrun and the list of potential issues is endless, from poor coding and under qualified teams to over-ambitious requirements and poor communication.

When the issues you face are large, more often than not, this can cost both time and money.

To know if your software or website project needs rescuing, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Is your project running behind schedule?
  • Has your provider failed to deliver on the service to the timescale they promised?
  • Have you been left with a half-finished project or is your provider dragging using up time ironing out bugs in a system they installed?

If you’re answering yes to these questions then we can help to rescue your project.

We’ve rescued countless projects and will work with you to assess your project recovery needs and offer cost-effective and practical advice to help get your project back on track. Here’s how…

Our Approach

Our team of designers, developers and creatives are perfectionists who love what they do and do what they love. So, project rescue comes naturally to us - we don’t like an unfinished project as much as you don’t. And we want to help. Here is a brief overview of our website and software project rescue process:

Situational Analysis

This is where we stabilise your project. Our technical experts will thoroughly investigate the current situation of your project, seeking as much information as possible. We will work closely with you to determine what the project's current state is, and how far away from completion it is.

Identify Problems

This is where we figure out where your project has gone awry. We will examine all aspects of the project in fine detail and identify current and potential problem areas that could arise going forward. All findings will be fully documented to aid us for the future project recovery.

Project Recovery Plan

This is where we find a way forward. Our specialist team will provide honest and practical advice. We will develop a detailed and comprehensive plan with clear and actionable next steps. This will get you to your end goal in the quickest and most cost-effective method possible.