Fuller’s Website Rebuild

After we rebranded several of the Fuller’s Brewery pubsites last year, the well-known hospitality business tasked us with a complete website rebuild of their main website, fullers.co.uk. 



Fuller’s, known for their large chain of approximately 400 hotels and pubs, have been a long standing client of ours for half a decade. As their web development agency, we have delivered many large website projects over the years and we support their website maintenance on an ongoing basis. 



As time moved on, Fuller’s website design became outdated. The overarching goal for this website rebuild project was clear: introduce a fresh, modern look to the website with user-friendly journeys, particularly when customers sought out hotels and pubs. 

This project largely involved the modernisation and reskin of the Fuller’s website, as well as work to improve the site’s speed.



The key developments were:

  1. Full website redesign
  2. Modernised hotel and pub finder user journeys
  3. Improved website speed
  4. Modernised code base

Website redesign

The Fuller’s website underwent a complete reskin to bring it in line with the new branding and that of the recently revamped pubsites. The purpose-driven design is on-brand, and has a clean layout and user-friendly navigation. Take a look for yourself:


Modernised user journeys

Two of the key conversion points of Fuller’s website, the hotel and pub finder tools, were revamped to encompass modern location-based searches. This adjustment was instrumental in aiding users to find Fuller’s locations more intuitively.


Improved website speed

Website loading speed is paramount. So, we put efforts into enhancing page load speeds to improve user journey, conversions and SEO. 


Modernised code base

The website rebuild project required a complete code base modernisation, improving coding practices and replacing legacy code. Read on to find out more about this key challenge. 



Perhaps the most challenging task in this entire website rebuild project was the modernisation of the website’s code base. Considering the sheer scale of the Fuller’s website, which essentially powers approximately 400 individual sites, a complete reskin and code base update was an immense undertaking.

We faced the task of weaving in new, modern coding practices while phasing out the legacy code that underpinned the website. The key was to ensure no service interruptions or adverse effects during this process. The switchover was meticulously planned and executed:

Gradual transition: Rather than a complete and immediate overhaul, we adopted a gradual approach. This meant progressively replacing legacy code, ensuring no disruptions in service. It also meant that we could launch the website rebrand whilst continuing to slowly remove the rest of the legacy code in the background. 

Simultaneous development and removal: We skillfully orchestrated the introduction of new code while phasing out the old. This dual action guaranteed the seamless transition from old to new, without any detrimental impacts on the live website.



The Fuller’s website rebuild, as orchestrated by Codeminers, stands as a testament to meticulous planning, modern design principles, and technical prowess. Today, visitors to the Fuller’s website are greeted with a sleek design, intuitive user journeys, and speedy website performance, all while the transition remains ongoing beneath the surface. This project underscores the significance of gradual evolution in the digital space, ensuring legacy systems can gracefully make way for the new, without missing a beat.



Do you have an upcoming website rebuild project that you need support with? Take a look at our website development services or contact us to talk about how we can help your project succeed.