• Written by Mikita Maru, April 14 2022

Iphone Easter Eggs

So last year I wrote about some of my favourite tech easter eggs (you can find that here). This year I thought I’d go into the Easter eggs you can find on your smartphone! I’m loyal to my Iphone, so of course, I’m going to start off with the super fun Easter eggs you can find […]

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  • Written by Mikita Maru, March 30 2022

Women’s History Month: Karen Sparck Jones, Originator of the Search Engine

Karen Sparck Jones was a British pioneering computer scientist. She was a self taught computer programmer and is best known for the concept of inverse document frequency, which is the tech that helped to establish the basis of search engines such as Google. How It All Started Sparck Jones was born in Huddersfield, England, on […]

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  • Written by Mikita Maru, March 28 2022

Women’s History Month: Grace Hopper, Inventor of the First Compiler

Who Was Grace Hopper? Grace Hopper was an American mathematician and rear admiral in the US Navy. She was a pioneer in computer technology for many reasons. One of the major reasons is that she was the inventor of the first compiler and helped to create the UNIVAC 1, the world’s first commercial electronic computer. […]

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  • Written by Jess Cory, March 24 2022

Best Applications for Small Businesses

Developing your own website is never easy; we know this from first-hand experience. There are a lot of moving parts that all work together to make for a seamless user experience. It can be a lot harder when there’s a minefield of additional software needed to manage your website and upgrade your online brand presence. […]

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  • Written by Mikita Maru, March 23 2022

Women’s History Month: Margaret Hamilton, The First ‘Software Engineer’

Margaret Hamilton is a pioneering computer scientist who created the term ‘software engineer’ and was in charge of the software for the Apollo moon landing in 1969. Let’s delve into how she invented the modern concept of software, and ‘saved’ the moon landing.  The Beginning Hamilton was born on the 17th of August 1936, in […]

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  • Written by Mikita Maru, March 18 2022

Women’s History Month: Mary Coombs, First Female Computer Programmer

On the 28th of February this year we lost the world’s first female computer programmer, Mary Coombs, who died at age 93. She lived a great life and made history, so this Women’s History Month I wanted to celebrate her and her story. Early Life  Mary Coombs was born in 1929 in Muswell Hill in […]

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