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We are a dedicated software development company, with a difference. Our professional team has a wealth of experience in bespoke software development, as well as delivering custom web development solutions, tailored to your unique business requirements.

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Our services

We offer software development services that range from software consultancy right through to the development of fully bespoke software applications. Our web development services range from advice on content management systems to ongoing support in creating bespoke backend solutions and personalised web experiences. 

We’re aware each project is different and has its own requirements and challenges, but you can rely on us to be passionate about the solutions we recommend, but also honest if that technology is the right fit. Both for the project and for your organisation. We understand business requirements and technology. We know efficient working and collaboration. These traits paired with task execution are important to us at Codeminers and go hand in hand when delivering a high-quality project.


We design new applications and help you take your existing applications to the next level with our design and consultancy services. 


We deliver website, project and app development solutions that get the best results and value for money. 


We provide expert insight into your existing projects, platforms and applications, to ensure you have the right tools for your business.


Our team of developers is passionate about creating custom written software that has been carefully crafted to fit unique business requirements. We have decades of experience in building bespoke software and data processing applications from scratch, as well as developing software integrations. Over the years, we have worked with companies of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. Our clients benefit from our agile software development methodologies, which help us make sure your project is delivered on time, on budget and with a swift return on investment.

Bespoke software

Off the shelf software isn’t always a good fit with your unique business requirements. At Codeminers, we work alongside your team to build bespoke software that matches your needs.

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Software audit

By its nature, technology can be complex. It's important to have a high degree of confidence in your software. A software audit from Codeminers can give you the assurance you need and help you get the most out of your software.

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Agile development services

Our expert team will help you get the best out of your project with our agile development services. They’ll ensure that your site not only looks the part but also performs well from a functional perspective and is designed with longevity in mind. We have adopted and successfully delivered lean implementations of Scrum and Kanban for our clients to ensure efficiency.

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Automation: Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

All of our customers benefit from continuous integration and continuous delivery. This means we’re constantly checking, reviewing and delivering our applications through a robust automated release process.

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Database design

The process of database design requires understanding how a business works and how it generates, consumes and stores its data. We will work with you to answer a set of simple questions that will help shape your database design. We also cover database performance testing.

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Project recovery

If your software project has gone off track, don’t worry, we can help! Our expert team of developers are highly experienced in bespoke software projects, so you’ll be in safe hands.

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Software consultancy

Software development is the core of our business. We live and breathe it. So if you’re looking for software consultancy services or project support, then look no further!

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Mobile app development

Our team here at Codeminers are specialists in mobile app development for both iOS and Android. We will work closely with your internal team to create a bespoke app to work alongside your CRM system, building an app that encompasses the capability of your own website.

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Green computing

Green computing has become increasingly important in recent years. By switching to an energy efficient programming language like Go programming, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

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Our services aren’t limited to bespoke software development. We are also avid website development professionals! Our developers are certified in Sitecore and Umbraco development and have extensive experience in delivering custom-built websites for organisations of various sizes.

Sitecore development

We’re experts when it comes to Sitecore. Our team provides a premium Sitecore development service that will transform your website into a power-house experience platform that offers the ultimate customer experience. From consultancy, implementation and on-going support, we’ll ensure you get the most out of your CMS.

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Umbraco development

As an Umbraco developer and gold partner agency, we can help take your Umbraco website to the next level. We can help you integrate your content, marketing and eCommerce solutions, as well as build a website personalisation strategy.

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CMS platform selection

We work closely with our clients to find the most appropriate CMS platform based on their business set up and requirements. Working predominantly with Sitecore and Umbraco gives us the ability to cater for projects of all shapes, sizes and complexity.

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Website personalisation

We understand that your audiences will have different needs, and so your communication with them will vary. That’s why tailoring your visitor’s experience is crucial, for them to get the most value possible, which in turn will drive a heightened level of engagement and overall conversion.

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Project recovery

If your bespoke project has gone wrong, for whatever reason, we can quickly get your business back on track with our project recovery expertise. We will work collaboratively to help and support your on-going projects while resurrecting past ones.

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Website Consultancy

We offer expert website consultancy services, covering two main areas: a complete review of your current system & technology, and project support for effective working practices. We will work with you and your team to ensure that you get the best results, and value for money throughout your entire project.

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eCommerce website development

Making sure you have the right platform and tools available for your online store is critical to your success. We’re specialists in enterprise grade eCommerce website development in Sitecore and Umbraco that ensure your business is fine tuned for conversions.

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