Fullers Directories and the Event Finder

We worked with Fullers, to create directories of pubs and hotels and the events they host. Internally known as ‘finders’ they provide a way for customers to find venues by area and interests. These interests are called ‘categories’ and can range from party venues, child friendly pubs and riverside pubs to theatre events, quiz nights and live music. Additionally, each finder comes with both venue lists and a map view. The latter offering an easy way to help the customer plan their visit.

The pub finder and hotel finder are driven by Sitecore CMS using info cards internally. The content team can quickly edit them by using tags to represent the different things the pubs have to offer. Each finder page can pull in all the correct venues by using tags to define what ‘kind’ of page it is. So a riverside finder page will have a ‘riverside tag’ and then each info card with that tag is automatically pulled in, sorted and added to the map.

The content editor can use these info cards to pull in venue information and also override it where it is better for SEO.


The event finder pulls together all events across all pubs into a bespoke event database. This provides a dynamic view of one-off and repeated events over the next six months. All easily filterable by providing an additional calendar component. Once the customer clicks on the event, they are taken directly to that event page, can view the pub or hotel it is in and purchase tickets .

Behind the scenes, the event management application synchronises Sitecore with the event database and performs language processing to read the event information and add to the calendar. This means a pub landlord can simply enter ‘every Thursday’ or ‘every third Tuesday at 2pm’ and the system will process and add it. All synchronised from within Sitecore’s own data and supporting real time filtering and date searching,


In addition to being easy to manage in Sitecore’s CMS, they also are working hard for SEO. Each of these finders work as campaign landing pages and sub-pages and help drive traffic based on optimising content for specific ranking terms. This can drive customer awareness and web traffic to the respective pubs and hotels. This also takes advantage of the large domain presence of fullers.co.uk in a useful and innovative way.

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