Bespoke Software


Off the shelf software isn’t always a good fit. Rather than change your business to match the application, the application must match how your business works. This isn’t always possible, certainly without spending a lot of money and so a bespoke software application fits the bill.


Whether agile or waterfall, we understand that delivering business value matters and apply that to how we build our bespoke software and databases. It can be something new, simply extending what you have or even finishing off an existing project. Our bespoke system builds include:

  • A rolling minimum viable project to agreed milestones
  • Apply automation to produce stable releases, with reduced manual processes
  • This allows us to release early and release often and avoid Big Bang delivery schedules

Combined with our software audit and project recovery services, we offer a transparent development service. Our cost models are flexible and encompass:

  • Specification and estimation
  • Time and material based invoicing
  • Milestone based invoicing against agreed scope
  • Fixed price work for fixed price scope

Backed with a warranty against an agreed time period and scope of responsibility.


When working on a bespoke software development project, we can also act as team augmentation. Working alongside your existing team, we will provide expertise in agile delivery, technical architecture and lead development to support, mentor and train your existing workforce.

If you’re in need of an expert software and database team, please contact us below and let us know about your latest project.