Integrating Sitecore CMS with Magento

Today’s shoppers expect seamless digital experiences tailored to their specific interests, locations and language. These ongoing shifts in consumer behaviours and expectations have created a need for new approaches to digital experience management. Businesses opt for multi-platform solutions that in turn require web development solutions to integrate systems, data and ultimately the user experience.

Brompton Bicycle has a multinational, multilingual eCommerce website that was going through a similar transformation. As a Sitecore developer, we were able to deliver this by combining Sitecore 9 and Magento 2 to deliver the strengths of both platforms. Enabling them to use the marketing, translation and content management strengths of Sitecore’s CMS alongside the ordering and eCommerce power of Magento. The emphasis on providing a new foundation for their online presence.


We created a dual presence of commerce-enabled sites within Sitecore’s CMS to differentiate between those that were trading online and those that were not. This was backed with Language Fallback to enable Brompton to translate regional content as needed, and over time. This acted as the layer over Magento which provided store, catalogue and product management, order control and everything else you’d need from an eCommerce back office.

Small cartoon depicting Codeminers working on the Brompton site.

Along with additional custom integrations (such as Queue-It and Nosto), Brompton now has greater power to reach and engage with users wherever they are in the world.