Software Consultancy

At Codeminers we offer expert software consultancy services. Our expertise spans across multiple domains and caters to organisations of all sizes and nature. 


Looking for reliable software support and expert advice from a highly experienced software consultant? You’re in the right place. Our software consultancy services come with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. At Codeminers, we live and breathe bespoke software development. Writing software is our passion. This means that our software consultancy offering is second-to-none. Our collaboration doesn’t just end with practical advice for your software project, we’ll also work with you to ensure that your software is efficient for your business and that you’re getting a great return on investment.


We’re also experienced website consultants, with specialisms in Sitecore and Umbraco. Take a look at our website consultancy services.


Our competencies in IT are broad and deep, and we leverage them to provide inclusive software consultancy services. These are divided into two core areas:

  • Exhaustive reviews of your current systems and technologies
  • Project support to foster effective working practices within your organisation

Let’s look at what these include:


Our technology review process assesses the technologies currently employed within your organisation. We provide expert recommendations to ensure that the selected technologies are the best fit for your specific project requirements. This review encompasses multiple aspects, including:

  • Security measures
  • Cloud computing capabilities
  • Code quality
  • And more


This is a critical component of our consultancy service. We will work with you and your team to conduct a thorough analysis of your existing systems. This involves providing systems and software consultancy to make sure your systems align perfectly with your overarching goals and objectives.

Additionally, we evaluate the performance of your organisation’s technology and systems. This review focuses on the efficiency of your overall infrastructure.


The next part of our software consultancy service is project review. If you’re undertaking a software project and you’re concerned about its implementation, we can help by stepping in to review what has been done so far. We assess the progress of your project and provide strategic consulting to recommend the best way forward. Whether your software requires minor tweaks or a full redesign, we ensure your project supports your business goals and paves the way for success. 

Take a look at our portfolio and see some of the work we’ve done and what we can offer your business.


Is your project not moving forward at the desired pace? Don’t worry – we’re here to accelerate progress. We can support your projects, working collaboratively with your team to get the project on track. We’ll work with your in-house team and third party suppliers to get your project delivered within the set timescale.


The final stage of our software consultancy process is project oversight. If you are struggling to keep your suppliers focused or need help cutting through the jargon, we are here to help. At Codeminers, we can offer supplier management help to ensure you get what you pay for, while also communicating with them on your behalf to ensure that everyone is clear on the project’s overall aims and objectives.