Software Audit

However, it’s not always apparent where future database performance issues and maintenance issues can come from. Many database products will perform quite adequately, even with a badly designed database, until the volume of data and queries reaches some critical mass. As requirements change and data volumes grow, it’s necessary to improve on, extend or even rebuild what you have. This is known as database performance tuning.

Our goal is to help verify your software is high quality, has few bugs (if any!), is secure and has relevant documentation. Performance and compliance are also an important part of our software audit process.


The scope of a technical audit can include and review:

  • The technical design
  • The database design
  • Code quality, test coverage and automation
  • Data access, quality and controls
  • Build and delivery procedures
  • Industry standards and best practices
  • Documentation review


What you get from one of our technical audits is a high level report detailing the work done, problems faced and any compromises made (code access, build, data etc). This report provides high level recommendations along with an action plan using a simple traffic light system. Red for critical, Amber for important and Green for general feedback and or ‘nice to haves’.