Software Audit

By its very nature, technology can be a complex and intricate realm to navigate. Whether you’re dealing with a legacy application, integrating software from an acquisition, or simply ensuring a checkpoint in an ongoing project, having a high degree of confidence in your software is paramount. This is where a software audit can provide you with the assurance you need, while also helping you optimise and maximise the potential of your software.

At Codeminers, our goal is to assist you in verifying the quality of your software. We meticulously examine every aspect, ensuring that your software is not only robust and functional but also free from bugs and vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive software audit process encompasses various crucial elements, including performance evaluation and compliance adherence.


To give you an idea of what to expect during the software audit process, let’s take a look at our software audit checklist.

  • The technical design
  • The database design
  • Code quality, test coverage and automation
  • Data access, quality and controls
  • Build and delivery procedures
  • Industry standards and best practices
  • Documentation review

The scope of our software audit encompasses a thorough review of the technical design, database design, code quality, test coverage, and automation. We delve into assessing data access, quality, and controls, as well as build and delivery procedures. Additionally, we make it a point to evaluate your software against industry standards and best practices. To ensure a holistic examination, we conduct a meticulous documentation review, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your software from all angles.

Read our blog ‘software audit checklist‘ for more detail. 


Once the software audit is complete, we present you with a detailed software audit report. What you get from one of our technical audits is a high level report detailing the work done, problems faced and any compromises made (code access, build, data etc). The software audit report serves as a valuable resource, offering high-level recommendations and an action plan designed to address any identified issues. To make it easier to prioritise and understand the urgency of each recommendation, we use a simple traffic light system. Critical items are marked in red, important aspects in amber, and general feedback and “nice to haves” in green.


Now, you might be wondering why Codeminers is the ideal choice for your software audit needs. Our core expertise lies in bespoke software development, which makes us a good choice as your software consultant. With a dedicated team that possesses a deep understanding and years of experience in all aspects of software development, we are confident that our software audit process is robust and comprehensive. 

When you choose Codeminers, you can rest assured that we will provide you with an honest and transparent software audit report, detailing any identified issues and recommended actions (if any!). Furthermore, we are committed to providing ongoing support, ensuring that we don’t leave you high and dry after the software audit is complete. We take the time to review the software audit report with you in detail, answering any questions and clarifying any aspects that require further explanation. Should you require any additional software support or assistance, we are ready to offer our services.

If you’d like to talk to us about your software needs, get in touch with us here.