Website Consultancy

At Codeminers we offer expert website consultancy services. These cover a wide range of areas and are suitable for all types of organisations. 

We’re experienced website consultants. We know our stuff when it comes to IT and offer web development consulting services that cover two main areas;

  • Complete reviews of your current systems & technologies
  • Project support for effective working practices within your organisation

Let’s look at what these include;


We can review the technologies being employed within an organisation and make recommendations to ensure those being used are of high quality to complete the project at hand. These include reviewing security, cloud computing, code and more.


This is a key part of our website consultancy service. We will work with you and your team to review the current systems in place, providing systems and software consultancy to ensure those being used are the most suited to your overall aims and objectives.

Choosing the right CMS can be hard. Whichever you choose we are well equipped to assess your systems and deliver impact to your business. We also specialise in Sitecore and Umbraco. So if you’re specifically looking for Sitecore consultancy or an Umbraco consultant, then look no further. 

If you’re still deciding between two CMS platforms, check out our posts on Sitecore vs Umbraco and Sitecore vs WordPress for a full breakdown and to find which is right for you.

Our review will also include the performance of your technology and systems, where we will review the efficiency of your overall site.

We can support you by testing your existing site, looking for issues that may affect speed, loading times and overall performance. Here’s a handy guide showing 10 ways you can improve your site speed. 

We will review your code and help you to overcome any little niggles you may be experiencing. Clean code and a fast website have now become more important than ever with Google’s Core Web Vitals roll out.


The next part of our website consulting service is project review. If you’re undertaking a web project and you’re concerned about its implementation, we can help by stepping in to review what has been done so far and provide strategy consulting to recommend the best way forward. We can rebuild or redesign your project to support your business goals and ensure that your project is successful. 

Take a look at our portfolio and see some of the work we’ve done and what we can offer your business.


If your project is not progressing at the pace you require we’re here to help. We can support your projects, working collaboratively with your team to get the project on track. We’ll work with your in-house team and third party suppliers to get your project delivered within the set timescale.


The final stage of our website consultancy process is project oversight. If you are struggling to keep your suppliers focused or need help cutting through the jargon, we are here to help. At Codeminers we can offer supplier management help to ensure you get what you pay for, while also communicating with them on your behalf to ensure that everyone is clear on the project’s overall aims and objectives.