Our Top 5 Tips for to Get the Most out of Your Investment in Sitecore

As an enterprise-level content management system (CMS), Sitecore’s customer experience platform combines content, commerce and personalisation to help customers easily create the most relevant, individualised experiences possible. It captures interactions at every touchpoint to provide a personalised experience across every channel continuously over the lifetime of the customer.

It can be quite a complex beast to master, but when you understand the best way to make Sitecore work for you – the results are more than worth the time and effort to make the platform work for your business.

As Sitecore Development experts, we thought we’d share some of our top tips for success with the platform…

1. Utilise the campaign creator

With the potential to run multiple campaigns to help the growth of your business, utilising the campaign creator to track the success is a key tip. Track all of your new and ongoing campaigns with specialised tracking code created by the Sitecore Campaign Creator which is embedded into your marketing campaigns, including any specific landing pages you’ve already created.

Once your campaign has begun to see results such as click-throughs and form completions, the Campaign Creator will also collate the data into an easy to read dashboard of analytics to help you define the success of your campaigns.

2. Support an expanding global business

Out of the many content management systems available on the market, Sitecore is one of the few systems (and probably the best) that allows you to create, manage and maintain your global suite of websites in a single platform. Sitecore specifically comes into its own for global content management teams as you can implement workflows and lock down specific areas to specific users – so your Australian team can edit the blog and news section, for example, whilst the HQ eCommerce team has access to manage product catalogues, and so on.

What’s more, instead of simply translating one set of existing content and pushing it out under a single domain, you can create individual and bespoke versions of your website for each region. Change the copy, layout and even images in order to create a truly exclusive and localised experience.

3. Personalise your customer’s journey with the Sitecore Experience Platform

As a business, you want to ensure that your efforts to attract the ideal audience aren’t going to waste. You and your marketing teams can utilise the Experience Platform to track what kind of visitors are making their way through your website, which of your products or services they’re most likely to engage with and utilise personalisation software built into the platform in order to create a more personalised experience so that any future efforts can be created and tweaked in order to help enhance the user journey.

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The Experience Platform helps you understand the customer intentions, such as where they visited your website from (Inbound Sources) and, their on-site behaviour, allowing and allows the integration of adaptive personalisations created from visitor profiles and engagement goals set by you and your team, in order to create user personas and content trees in order to adapt the content in real-time, dependent on what you want to show the user.

Image source – Sitecore

4. Clone content, rather than duplicate it

Sometimes content needs to exist on your website in more than one place, such as thank you pages or specialised landing pages, and it can often be a long process to tweak each of these as your website or business grows.

Sitecore harnesses an embedded cloning feature in order to retain a relationship between the cloned content and the original piece. This way if a change is made to the parent item, it is also made to the clones. Perfect for seasonal offers and even updating the contact information that features on a select number of pages.

5. Choose the right Sitecore partner

Sitecore can be a complex platform, and opinions on best practice and utilisation of its tools can really differ. For the best chance of success with the platform, you want to ensure that you choose an implementation and support partner with the best knowledge of Sitecore, for you and your business, in order to truly utilise its functionality.

Is your Sitecore website in need of rescuing or are you on the lookout for the right partner to help get a new Sitecore website up and running? Get in touch with one of our experts to see how Codeminers can advise and help you with your upcoming project. Read more about our Sitecore Development services here.

  • Written by Simon Proctor, April 25 2019
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