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  • Written by Jess Cory, June 24 2021
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Core Web Vitals – Why is it important and how can I improve my scores?

Core Web Vitals is Google’s most recent and important algorithm change. This change will have real effects on search rankings and who rises up the SERPs and who falters. Google’s new cocktail of specific factors are what they consider to be important in a webpages overall user experience, they are measurable and can be grouped […]

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  • Written by Simon Proctor, February 27 2020
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10 Ways To Improve Page Speed That Actually Work

Page speed refers to the load time of a specific page on your website or blog. It is similar to site speed, but when looking at page speed you focus on specific on-page attributes and optimise their performance solely. Whereas site speed is the speed at which your site loads as users go through it — from the […]

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