The best no-code platforms to develop your business applications


When you want to start enhancing and streamlining your business offerings, often the first challenge is developing a user-friendly application. Whether it’s intended for internal use or for client use, you have to develop something in order to prove your value as a company. But there are so many platforms out there to choose from, making it hard to understand the most effective choice for your business. In this blog, we are spotlighting the top 6 platforms you can use to develop your website and supporting applications.


Integrating data into automation and connecting business applications can be very time consuming and unnecessarily confusing. If you have a number of applications and automations used in your businesses, check out Parabola. It streamlines the process of connecting data-related tasks, in a visually driven user experience. Utilising drag and drop tools to automate a specific process or develop a workflow. Whether you need to manage an API, external database or Shopify page; Parabola supports over 50+ integrations. Arguably the best data management tool for your business. 

Umbraco / WordPress Content Management System

If your website is overloaded with content or you need to better manage your website content, then we highly recommend you implement a Content Management System, also known as a CMS. A CMS platform is an application or set of programmes that are used to create and manage content published via your website. 

If you are an SME or start-up business, we suggest you look at Umbraco’s Content Management System. It is free to use platform that is easier to set up; with a range of personalisation possibilities and third-party integrations (at an additional cost). The perfect platform to easily manage website content, customer information and user analytics. 

However, if you are a more established, large scale business, we recommend Sitecore’s Content Management System. A paid-for platform that offers a range of personalisation opportunities and third-party integrations at no extra cost. Helping drive excellent customer experience through a range of in-built applications including: Email Experience Manager, Online Forms and E-commerce. The ultimate CMS for large, multi-lingual and personable sites with millions of users. Learn more about which CMS is right for your business, in this guide post


When done right, having a chatbot on your website can significantly increase your online growth. Chatbots provide automated assistance to users on your website, answering questions in real-time and offering quick responses. They are a useful tool for businesses that help drive customers into making purchasing decisions. However, just having automated chatbots that answer general questions isn’t sufficient for most customers. Landbot helps you develop and assemble your own chatbots, creating conversion prompts to guide your users around your website. With an easy to flow workflow, customisable templates and Whatsapp integration to help reach users already having conversations. The perfect conversational tool, to upgrade your website’s user experience.


Working with a remote team or simply needing an online collaborative tool, take a look at Coda. This document platform brings together spreadsheets, applications and databases into one central place: a Coda Doc. Helping to streamline processes, promote collaboration and decrease miscommunication. These effectively bring together your content and data into one place, with the option of using preset templates or building your own workflow. With customisable views for each user, helping you stay up to date with tasks, tickets and time management. The best digital tool for online collaboration. 




Want to better understand user experience, why not survey your online users? Building submission forms is a great way to collect user responses, collate information and make data-led changes, with your online audience in mind. Typeform allows you to develop a variety of surveys from quizzes, tests and voting polls, to see what your customers think. Within the Professional programme, you can develop personalised question paths and logic jumps when needed; helping you accurately gather feedback and generate more website conversions. The perfect way to build personalised experiences that resonate with your online customers. 


When it comes to developing your website applications there are many integrations you can use. From the data analysis, content management and virtual chatbot creation; you can implement a variety of software to improve your website growth and upgrade your user experience. 

If you want to streamline your website or further advance your business applications, we can provide expert insight on the best digital solution for you. Working closely with your business, to understand your user’s needs and provide the best user experience possible. 

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  • Written by Jess Cory, March 24 2022