How to Alleviate Web Traffic Pressure

A well-planned and executed campaign can have many benefits for your business. As well as driving more sales via a range of discounts and deals, it also provides opportunities to extend your audience base and re-engage lapsed customers too.

However, it isn’t without its drawbacks, especially if proper planning and preparations aren’t actioned. A massive influx of users coming to your site all at once can cause many issues, the biggest being a complete website shutdown. In most cases, websites shut down because servers cannot take the strain and buckle under the pressure of so many Internet users trying to access your web page. This can lead to downtime anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours – something we’d all like to avoid happening.

Here at Codeminers we recently implemented Queue-it to Bromptons Bicycles website to help them with this common issue that many eCommerce websites face throughout the year. 

Queue-it is a system that has been developed to help websites cope with traffic congestion by directing visitors to a queue when they can access the website. And why? Well to prevent website crashes occurring from high traffic volumes. It means that website visitors are all treated fairly too, with users being added to the queuing system as soon as they hit the website, in chronological order. 

This piece of software is perfect to use when a company wants to sell something to a large number of people but don’t want to swamp their website. It can be used all year round but might be particularly helpful during big sales events such as Black Friday, Boxing Day, and Summer Sales. 

On this occasion, with Brompton Bicycle, Queue-it was integrated with Sitecore, but it can be integrated with other software too. It’s a brilliant way to avoid downtime, allowing you to continue capturing sales and orders that could otherwise be lost to downtime.

Overall, it’s a great way to stay online, no matter the demand, allowing you to gain control over online traffic peaks that could potentially threaten to crash your site. Placing visitors in a first-in, first-out waiting room keeps your website performing its best when it matters most.

If you are ready to learn more about Queue-It and how it can work for your business, get in touch today. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for regular updates on all things website and website development.

  • Written by Jess Cory, June 11 2021