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Spotlight on: The PFA

With the Euros back in our lives, and the weather finally being glorious, we have a great summer of football ahead of us. With this being said, I wanted to highlight one of our clients, the Professional Football Academy (PFA), and why what they do is so important.

Who is the PFA?

The Professional Footballers Association (PFA) is the union for all current and former footballers and scholars. This includes those in the Premier League, the FA Women’s Super League and the English football leagues. Their motto ‘For football. For life’ encompasses the belief that football really does unite society and therefore it is important to empower footballers and value them as people not just players.

They are the only organisation that solely prioritises the needs of players and protects their rights, represents their views and provides support through various channels.

These are;

Union Support

The necessary support and information is given to players when it comes to rules of the game and general legislation. Their views are also taken to the major stakeholders in the game, making sure that the interests of players are kept in mind when making important decisions about the game.


The PFA has been fighting against inequalities in the game for many years. They have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, homophobia and any type of discrimination, including that based on gender, disability and mental health. This important work is done through education, support and protection. The PFA does not shy away from liaising with the government and media either if necessary.


As well as physical health, a player’s mental health is very important. The PFA recognises that footballers need to have their emotional needs met as people, not just players. There is still a stigma attached to talking about mental health. To help with this there is a confidential 24.7 wellbeing helpline for any player to access immediate support.


Many players worry about life and career after playing football. The PFA supports footballers with helping them learn about the most rewarding careers after being a player, coaching. Their team offers exclusive courses to help players qualify to work with footballers at every level.

Youth Advisory

The PFA offers young players and their families advice about football trials and academy processes. They can also access the PFA’s education platforms to help them learn more about the game.


A connection between a player and their community can be one of the most rewarding for both parties. The relationship with the wider society help players understand their value beyond their performance on the pitch. The PFA puts huge importance on players valuing their social responsibility and impact they can have on matters they care about. Since the 1980s, when football was linked strongly to hooliganism, the PFA has rolled out community schemes across all 92 professional clubs.


If coaching is not for a player, the PFA offers many opportunities for a bright post-football future. The education department provides career advice and helps players develop their own personal development plan.

You can learn more about the PFA at their website here.

How have we worked together?

The PFA came to us with a need to have a complete update of their digital platforms. We created a brand new website for them (of which we have recently completed a whole new rebrand), a bespoke internal CRM database, and an IOS app. We used Sitecore to enable the PFA to easily maintain and manage content, as well as enabling a more personalised digital experience.

Click here to learn more about our work with the PFA.

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  • Written by Mikita Maru, June 18 2021