Why you need a table ordering app!

Things have finally opened up (outdoors) and if you’re anything like me, you will have already booked your spot to meet up with friends/family. 

Post-pandemic, it is more important than ever to make the customer’s journey as streamlined and safe as possible. As expected, there will be a few changes, one of these being the use of table ordering apps in these establishments. These apps that allow customers to book beforehand, order and pay at their table were introduced well before the pandemic. I remember using them at Wetherspoons way back in 2017. Other companies were slow to follow, but this past year has really kicked things up a notch as the hospitality industry was essentially shut down. Businesses needed to have a plan-of-action for when they re-open and these apps were an important part of that plan. Not only do they make the whole experience easier on the customers and staff, they also importantly allow for Covid-safe social distancing measures to be enforced. 


What is a table ordering app?

These apps are essentially a digital menu, which allow customers to order and pay from their smartphones. There are two types of these apps. The first is a native app that needs to be downloaded by your customers. The second is a web based app which can be accessed by scanning a QR code or your venue’s Wi-Fi login. Both of these apps are essential for keeping your restaurant/pub Covid safe and open in the long run. Social distancing measures are made easier with these apps as they reduce face to face contact by allowing the customer to order online. They also reduce shared surface spaces as they eliminate the use of shared menus, use of card machines and queuing at the bar to order or collect. 

Not only will this allow your establishment to be in line with government guidelines, it can also improve your customer service and staffing costs. Staff will be able to focus more on the quality of food/drink being served rather than being rushed off their feet taking orders. Knowing that your pub/restaurant has these apps will also encourage previously wary customers to make a visit as they would feel safer doing so. 


If you haven’t already got one of these apps, or even if you just need some assistance with integration, we can help! Please contact our experienced team to see how we can make sure you’re making the most of your business. 


  • Written by Mikita Maru, April 12 2021