Why you need an Edge Service – Performance (1 / 2)

Have you heard of an Edge Service? It acts as a gateway to all other services which analyse, store and processes data near where the data is originally generated, instead of managing and storing information in a centralised data processing environment.

Edge Service allows data from IoT devices to be analysed on the ‘edge’ of the system, e.g information processing next to the edge – where people produce or consume the content. This doesn’t mean the cloud is disappearing, it means it’s coming to you. In this blog we’ll be covering the performance benefits of edge services and why they could be instrumental for your business.

What are some examples of an edge service? 

One example of an Edge Service is a digital voice assistant. These are becoming closer than ever to user input, understanding user behaviours and providing a better end-user experience. This is because all the raw data is produced by the user who is developing the in-built content, where the device continuously learns and develops from every interaction end-users had with them. For example, by asking to play music on another device the assistant communicates with other servers to ensure the user command is recognised and responded to. 

Alternatively, Cloudflare related Edge Services to a building with IoT video cameras

These all have high video definition and constantly streamlining video output. Put through a motion-detection application, so the only clip featuring activity is saved. This is a constant and significant strain on the bandwidth and infrastructure. With Edge Computing each camera has its own application with motion sensor application and sends it to the cloud server when needed. Reducing strain, technical issues and high churn rate. Working more efficiently and effectively.

The Performance Benefits of an Edge Service

It reduces data transfer latency

Every time a device needs to communicate with another server, this creates a delay. For example, if your colleagues were messaging you on an instant messaging platform you may see a delay in responses. However, if they were communicating facts to face, this would be significantly reduced. If that process was embedded into an edge service, for example, the company’s internal router, there would be no sizable delay. Due to the central location of the server and the optimal bandwidth reach, depending on where it was placed in the office.

Multi-Cloud Benefits for your business

If you are an online business, chances are you are highly reliant on the cloud to provide your business services and website integrations. From live analytics from site traffic to confidential data backup, edge services can integrate with the cloud. For example, using multi-cloud infrastructure with edge services like managed domain name systems (DNS). Due to the emergence of edge computing, DNS systems now use a more geo-proximate model. Relying on regional data centres and micro-data centres for information closer to the server and the content output. DNS inbuilt within edge services helps improve application performance, optimise web performance and manage traffic across multi-cloud environments. Such as Google’s Cloud Platform and Microsoft’s Azure.

Enhanced and improved user experience

Edge services or Edge computing can help to develop better user experiences. By moving data processing and information services where they can best address user’s needs. E.g closer to where they are actively searching for or consuming the associated information. For example, through localised data acquisition. Due to the proximity to the user, this increases uptime, overall performance and provides a constant service. All of which drastically improves customer service.  This also helps to develop more personalised experiences, as edge services don’t just bring data closer to the user. They also optimise user experience by delivering this rich content at higher speeds and better understanding user’s behaviour.

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  • Written by Jess Cory, March 24 2022