Why you need an Edge Service – Security (2/2)

Edge Services are an innovative way to store and process data closer to the user than ever before. But does that mean there are more user privacy issues with this service? No, there are actually fewer cyber security issues using these services. With a range of in-built security features such as firewalls, data protection and anti-malware. This service is providing complex security solutions to digital businesses, more than ever at risk of cyberattacks.

In this second part blog, we will be breaking down the top three reasons why you need to invest in an Edge Service to better your cyber security and ensure that your user’s data is truly protected. If you would like me to read more about the performance benefits of an Edge Service, please follow this link to our first blog. Without further ado, here is why Edge Service could be instrumental in your business’s digital security plan:

The Security Benefits of an Edge Service:

It reduces unplanned downtime

Unfortunately more online companies and their respective websites are being targeted by cybercriminals. With an 11% increase in digital security incidents in 2021 only compared to 2020. However if a service is down that users are trying to access, you decrease customer retention and click-through rate. Making it more likely your online audience will go to competitor websites that are fully working, with no security breaches. Implementing Edge Services within your digital strategy can help your business closely monitor connections between users and resources. For example, Edge Services, such as 5G Networks, have a built-in security stack to protect against cyber threats and vulnerabilities 24/7.

Protecting your business from the internet

This shift to Edge Services means more uses will require direct internet access to the Cloud and SaaS applications. This means a better user experience and ease of access when using your digital services. However, this can also increase employee experience. With the internet becoming a larger part of your internal corporate network, this can increase the risk of malicious activity. But, a majority of network edge security solutions have a range of features that ensure secure access without compromising data safety and performance. These include intrusion prevention systems, web filtering and firewalls allowing or denying users based on the IP address. Ensuring your business is securing the data of your users, staff and company.

Reduced compliance and privacy issues

Using Edge Services means your organisation is closer to the end-user than ever before. Whilst this may sound like an online privacy issue, this is actually the opposite. For example, content delivery networks, like a data-heavy CMS, alongside customer-facing applications can now better provide performance and security features for your audience. These can include user-specific firewalls and geo-centric data management; helping to reduce cyber-attacks and dissimulation of confidential user data across a range of devices. Reducing data privacy and security risks. Allowing your company to completely ensure compliance with privacy policy and cookie policy, ensuring data security for all.

Edge Service can be critical in helping organisations provide better security and online performance for their customers. Reducing cyber attacks and data breaches for both your customers and company staff.  The complete secured data protection for all.

If you need to take a look at your online security or need a tailor-made data protection solution, talk to our team today. Our team can provide expert insight on the best digital solution for your business. Better understanding your complex data, security needs and any cyber threats; to provide the best online security possible.

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  • Written by Jess Cory, March 24 2022